Episode 3: Symposium on International Faculty-Led Programs

by | 23 September 2019

On episode 3 of the Innovating Faculty-Led Programs podcast, Jen Hamlow, Director of Education Abroad at Portland State University, shares her thoughts about how to develop successful and sustainable faculty-led programs. We also talk about the Symposium on International Faculty-Led Programs, an annual one-day event that Jen created as a way to bring together faculty and program providers so that they could hear from each other and share good practices. I attended the 2019 Symposium, which was a great opportunity to hear from faculty from a range of institutions—as well as from education abroad offices and customized program providers—about a range of topics related specifically to faculty-led programs.

Let us know your thoughts about today’s discussion:

  • What lightbulb moments have you experienced with faculty-led programs?
  • What factors are important to you when designing a successful and sustainable program?
  • What marketing strategies have you found to be particularly useful?
  • What topics would you like to hear about on future episodes?
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